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John Deere 5M 5085M DPF EGR Delete

The dpf and egr system on yourJohn Deere 5M 5085M DPF EGR Delete tractor can be easily canceled by us. Our customer, whose photos you can see, contacted us and said that his problem has not been solved for months and that he has lost money because of this.
As a result of our work on the John Deere 5M 5085M DPF EGR Delete tractor, we determined that there was a dpf and egr malfunction.
When this tractor, which has a catalog data of 85HP 356nm torque, has dpf and egr problems, power generation is considerably reduced.

When the engine enters protection, it is impossible to start. As Agrochiptuning, after the adjustment we make on John Deere tractors, your tractor will never have this problem again. Agrochiptuning has solved the dpf adblue and egr problems of more than 1000 tractors especially in Europe.

Buy a personal flasher now to get rid of the dpf and egr problem of your john deere 5m series 5085 model tractor and get rid of your problem within 24 hours!

Advantages of DPF Removal:

  1. Enhanced power and improved acceleration.
  2. Permanent resolution of DPF errors.
  3. Decreased exhaust gas temperature.
  4. Increased fuel efficiency.
  5. Extended service life.
  6. Quicker throttle response.
  7. Cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for costly DPF repairs and maintenance.

In trucks and agricultural vehicles, which often experience high usage, DPF failure is a common issue that can result in significant expenses for the owner. Removing the DPF system through software can provide a permanent and hassle-free solution that eliminates the risk of clogging and blockage, saving time and money in the long run.

Advantages of DPF Removal:

Improved engine performance: EGR detele lead to improved engine power and acceleration, as it reduces backpressure in the exhaust system.

Increased fuel efficiency: Removing the EGR system may also result in improved fuel economy, as the engine operates more efficiently.

Decreased engine wear: The EGR system can increase the amount of heat and contaminants in the engine, leading to increased wear and tear over time. Removing the EGR system may help to reduce engine wear and extend its lifespan.

Catalog parameters

Power: 85 KM, Torque: 356 NM


  • programmable and mechanically removed DPF particulate filter
  • disabling EGR exhaust recirculation valve


  • Tractor information:
    • year of production: 2016,
    • mileage: 1034 mth,
    • capacity: 4530 cc,
    • cylinders: 4.

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